Planned Parenthood Minority business fair

Planned Parenthood held a minority business fair on Wednesday, September 3, 2014.  Approximately 40 local contractors attended.

A diverse group of about 30 pro-lifers stood outside the main entrance to the meeting passing out flyers and speaking with those going in.

 Basically, Planned Parenthood has money to build the new abortion facility, but they are having difficulty in getting labor and materials.   After a year of trying to line up contractors and after many of the big ticket contracts have already been given out, they finally get around to offering some of the work to minority businesses.  So let’s get this straight.  They had a minority job fair to recruit minority businesses to build a facility which will take the lives of many little minority babies.  (Over 6,000 abortions of black babies in Louisiana in 2013.)  And they recruited a minority businessman to pitch this scheme to other minority businesses.

Finally, a man who worked in the area but was not attending the meeting as a businessman spoke to one of the ladies with the protesters   He told her that he has 9 children and one of his daughters was going to have an abortion.  He said that after seeing the signs and literature, he was going home to tell her not to do it.