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Find out who is helping Planned Parenthood build this abortion supercenter

Construction continues.

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Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business, plans to open a $4.2 million dollar 8,000 sq. ft.  abortion facility on South Claiborne Ave in New Orleans in 2014. (now pushed back to 2015) This facility will be the largest of its kind in Louisiana.  They plan on selling 2,844 more abortions than are already performed in the New Orleans area.  To find out more about this new facility and local opposition, check out NolaNeedsPeace .

This document was filed with the City of New Orleans in support of the application for a building permit.  Note some of the language :

“Patients who need to end a pregnancy will also be able to rely on Planned Parenthood for an abortion.”

“The patient will then be conducted to a procedure room; procedure rooms will have vacuum pump system… “

“A small lab for reviewing procedure by-products….”  [Translation: mutilated bodies of little babies]






Stop Planned Parenthood Expansion in Louisiana